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Terms & Conditions

1. Introduction
These terms and conditions apply to any case/task undertaken by Summ, VAT number
(CVR) 33884559, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Summ is organized as a Private Limited Company (ApS). Our general contact information is as follows:

SLUSEHOLMEN 2, 1st floor,
VAT number (CVR).: 33884559
Phone: 29333355
Email: info@summ.dk

Summ maintains a business account with Sydbank.

Account number: 6818
Account: 1109106
IBAN: DK0668180001109106.

2. The task
When we undertake a new task, we prepare a client agreement. The agreement defines our understanding of the task, our and the client's obligations, the services we expect to provide, which partners and other staff will be involved in the case, the applicable fee rates for individuals, and an overall estimate of the fees and services. We estimate the total fee in relation to the expected workload. If the nature of the task changes as we delve deeper into the task, we will inform the customer of the amended conditions.

3. Identity information

Summ is subject to anti-money laundering legislation, obligating us to obtain and store identity information for all customers. All customers are registered in the AML system Creditro and undergo KYC verification.

4. Fees
Our fees are determined based on a specific assessment, considering:

• The service provided
• The time spent
• The number of documents and bank transactions
• Who contributed to solving the task
• The complexity of the task
• Whether the task required work under significant time pressure
• The level of responsibility associated with completing the task

Our fees exclude relevant expenses and disbursements. We reserve the right to charge additional fees if
the amount of work exceeds what was agreed upon.

5. Payment and Prepayment
Typically, we issue an invoice when the task begins. For larger or longer tasks, the fee is settled retrospectively monthly, unless otherwise agreed. We reserve the right to demand prepayment for cases where the nature of the task, in our judgment, necessitates it. Payment terms are 8 days from the invoice date, and VAT is added in accordance with the Danish VAT rules.

6. Supplier Service Agreement
We reserve the right to collect our fees through a supplier service agreement (Leverandørservice) and establish
a direct debit mandate (debitor mandat) for all our customers.

7. Price Adjustment
We reserve the right to annually adjust the fees for our services in accordance with a specified price index.

8. Obligations
All customers are expected to provide documents, records, and materials in digital form for our work. Customers are also expected to regularly deliver their documents in connection with our work monthly. In case a customer does not meet the deadline for monthly document submission, we reserve the right to charge an additional fee as compensation for any delays that may occur due to the late submission of document material.

9. Termination of Customer Relationship
Upon termination of a customer relationship, the notice period will always be the end of the current quarter, allowing us to finish the work and invoice for the services performed, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

10. Startup Fee
We reserve the right to charge a startup fee to cover the costs associated with onboarding new customers.

11. Confidentiality
All information received in connection with a task is treated as confidential unless circumstances clearly indicate otherwise.

12. Use of Our Services
Our services are tailored to the specific task and may not be used for any other purpose without our express prior approval. Unless otherwise agreed, we are solely responsible to the customer for the advisory services provided. The customer has the right to use the specific written material we have prepared for a given task, while Summ retains all copyright and other intellectual property rights to the material.

13. Document Storage
Summ completes the task until its natural termination or until the customer requests that the matter be terminated. Documents are typically provided no later than upon completion of the task, and we retain the documents for at least five years from the invoice date. For information on storage, deletion, data access, etc., please refer to our data processing agreement.

14. Governing Law and Jurisdiction
Any dispute between the customer and Summ shall be resolved in accordance with Danish law by the competent Danish court.

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