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Expectations of individual employees have changed significantly over time.

he individual employee is assigned more and more responsibilities, and the employee must be solution-oriented, able to make decisions and manage their own projects,
in short, a more independent employee. Some decisions that were previously taken by managers must also be able to be taken by employees. With this change, the role of
the manager has also changed, and with it the need for the individual employee.


The evolution has been massive and managers need to be flexible, open and create personal relationships with employees. The traditional hierarchical approach is being replaced

by the communicative, energetic and inclusive approach. Personal relationships and emotions must be easy to show to employees who have evolved to be independent.

In this way, employees will trust both you as a manager and the company. We have even seen during the Corona how employees need to be able to step up when you need to be

able to function digitally and remotely from one day to the next. Here, employees have often had to plan and execute work tasks and communicate decisions to management.

With self-management, employees' flexibility and freedom to prioritise tasks has been a major motivation, as they will always be willing to go the extra mile to get tasks done.

The traditional manager is facing a massive change as employees suddenly expect a more transparent manager, where it is okay to show vulnerability and that you don't always

have a clear answer, to the different questions. Working on these qualities makes you as a leader, authentic, and with that there will be a great chance that your employees will

be able to empathize with your goals, and not just be employees, but followers!


At Summ, we have always worked on the basis of "man over machine". As digitalisation and new methods have arrived, this does not change what is most essential for our employees

and the management strategy we operate with on a daily basis. For us, it is always about being able to put ourselves in our employees' shoes - understanding and developing them

so that, through a natural process, they strengthen the desire and motivation to develop and improve themselves. Short and long conversations are something we have with our

employees every day, both the very difficult personal conversations and the work-related ones. This is a big part of Sum's culture, namely that our employees know the journey,

know the goal, and are motivated to fight for it. All of this builds on our DNA of More Than Numbers!

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