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Together As one

Connected to the same values!

Alliott Global Alliance started back in 1979 when they were known as 'Alliott Peirson International'. Back then, the Alliance's five co-founding companies

were bound by a common belief that while globalisation can be a positive force, there will always be an important role for independent, local and professional service companies.

They saw an opportunity to work together as one (Together As One) across the world as independent companies. They saw the potential to

learn, share knowledge, resources, opportunities, while making the world smaller, while focusing on making companies stronger. Since 2004, law firms and

other specialists have joined the Alliott Global Alliance family, creating shared values for business and professional advisors.

Not just an alliance, but a global family.

Since its early days, Alliott has grown into one of the world's largest global interdisciplinary alliances.

Accounting, tax, audit and, since 2004, law and other specialist advisory firms have joined our ranks.

The Alliott Global Alliance has become an organisation of professionals who support and learn from each other. We support each other's success

with professionalism and a personal touch.

Our customers grow with us!

The membership has a great impact on our customers, they can now operate abroad, while maintaining the high quality. This is a unique opportunity

for you, who are in the middle of a scaling phase, where our partner companies worldwide can step in. It may be that you have already established your foundation

abroad and now want high quality solutions, whether in accounting, legal, real estate investment and more. At Summ, we can help you with all this, all under one roof,

in partnership with the members of the Alliott Global Alliance.

Employee development reaches new heights

We are now an active part of an organisation where knowledge and experience are shared across all members in the different countries. This means that our employee

now has a unique opportunity. They can be seconded to Alliott member companies worldwide.

We are not just an alliance, but a global family. We are the Alliott Global Alliance.

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